HTH humanitarian aid trips have assisted thousands in some of the world’s poorest regions. No one should have to live in hunger, poverty, and despair. You can make a difference. Click for info.


​​​​​Betty Nguyen

Betty Nguyen scholarship

The Betty Nguyen Scholarship in Journalism was created in 2007 to provide financial support to students in majoring in broadcast journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.

This scholarship is founded on the belief that education is essential to unlocking a young person’s potential and establishing a foundation for a bright future.


Help the hungry


Help the Hungry was established in 2000 by Betty Nguyen and her family to relieve human suffering by providing humanitarian aid to families facing extreme hardship. Along with food, clothing, medicine, and basic essentials, HTH is building water wells in poverty–stricken regions and distributing mosquito nets in malaria-prone areas.